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  • This project is aimed at establishing and promoting an intercultural dialogue between European and Asian students by focusing on the upcoming Olympic Games. We would like to spread the spirit of the Olympic movement, and to highlight such values as friendship, excellence and respect.

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  • A school is/should be a place that promotes responsibility, respect, civility and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment.
    This project is aimed at getting an insight into the participating schools.

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  • This is an online pronunciation course.

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  • This online course supplements the materials I use with my students at a local company.

  • This is a blended course. The materials provided here supplement our f2f course which is run under the auspices of Bonus Language School.

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  • This course is for my 10th X class. :)

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  • This blended course is for my 9th graders.
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  • This blended course is for my 12th graders. GUESTS CAN ENTER THIS VIRTUAL

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  • This blended course is for my 11th/II group.
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  • This blended course is for my 11th graders.
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  • This is a place for teachers to practice their editing skills here in the Moodle environment, in other words, to play in the sand. :)

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  • This is the virtual school that supplements my classroom teaching with some online activities.
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These are the courses that I run and the international collaborative projects my students and I are involved in.

The Olympic Games (project ebook)

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Countries involved in the projects

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