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Janos Blasszauer

12. Bajza St.

Nagykanizsa, 8800











Born:                                    November 1, 1965. Pécs, Hungary


Home address                       Nagykanizsa, Bajza u.12.  8800 Hungary

      E-mail: bjohnny@chello.hu

Education:                         Teacher Training College Kaposvar 1993

                                            Teacher Training College Szombathely 1997

                                            University of Pecs 2000


Scientific degree:                MEd in English Language Studies, 2000.


Teaching Experience           Bázakerettye Primary School 1991-1993, Bázakerettye

                                              Zsigmondy-Winkler Secondary Technical School 1994-1997, Nagykanizsa 

                                              Thúry György Secondary Technical School 1997-2000, Nagykanizsa

                                              Manager of Regional Language Centre 1997-2000, Nagykanizsa

                                              Batthyany Lajos Grammar School 2000 to present, Nagykanizsa

                                              Head of English Department 2001 to present, Nagykanizsa

                                              Pedagogical Adviser, Zala County Pedagogical Institute 2000 to 2005




Professional Driving Licence.

Certificate of attending British Council Summer course and in-service courses.

Certificate of attending a five-day intensive in-service course organized by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in co-operation with the Society for the Dissemination of Science (TIT).

Certificate of fulfilling the requirements of the Course Planning course organized by the British Council.

Certificate of attending the international ICT Teacher Trainers Workshop (4 -10 July 2001, Prague, Czech Republic)).

Certificate of attending the second international ICT Teacher Trainers Workshop (29th April to 3rd May 2002, Poznan, Poland) The theme was “ICT in ELT: form Technology to Pedagogy”.

Certificate of fulfilling the Trainers’ Training Course (becoming a multiplicator entitled to run accredited courses to teachers on the new English school leaving exam) (2003, Kecskemet)




Member on the international advisory board of the Myeurope project and the Spring Day in Europe project    [2002 to present]  

as well as the AEC-NET projects and the "Energy is Our Future" project.

Member of the International ICT Teacher Trainers Group.

Member of the Regional Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Science. 

(Magyar Tudományos Akadémia - Veszprémi Területi Bizottsága (VEAB) Történet- és

Neveléstudományi Szakbizottság)

Associate Member of the E-help project (European Union, Socrates project)

Counterpart in the English Language Fellowship Program (Regional English Language

office, Budapest)

Member of Taking It Global  global youth action community.

Hungarian Project Manager of MUDRANET, the Mura-Drava cross- border network for intercultural learning project




      Project on “Europe? I believe in it” [2002]


Short summary:


The project “Europe? I believe in it”, was organized by an association which pursues an activity of European promotion, the Centro di coordinamento Info Eurogente in Benevento (Italy) and enjoyed the financial support of the European Commission. The objective of the project was to increase students’ awareness of the values which inspired the construction of united Europe and which still determine its choices in view of further enlargement. Five conferences were held: 2002. 20 January, Morcone; 3 February, Duino; 23 February, Nagykanizsa; 9 March, Valetta, Malta; 30 March, Brighouse High School,Great Britain.


       International Project Spring Day in Europe 2003 held in Nagykanizsa

Short summary:

The event took place in Nagykanizsa on 21st March, organized by János Blasszauer. There were representatives from National Government, including Dunai Péter from the European Union information section of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and from local government including the Mayor, Litter Nándor.

There were over three hundred students involved in different events on the day such as the Public Speaking Competition which was of a very high standard.

See picks at http://www.geocities.com/bjohnnyus/fotok.html and at http://bjohnny2.tripod.com/


         International Project Spring Day in Europe 2004 project

Short summary

In our school the Spring Day spirit has triggered various programs such as a student exchange program, an EU quiz contest, a traditional pen-pal exchange project with a Turkish school (Bati College), peace bell ringing, and a visit to an international youth conference held in Malta.

Our school got an invitation to the opening of the EuroCentre at the Junior College in Malta (21 March). The opening of the centre was marked with an international conference of students and teachers coming from seven European countries. Each delegation consisted of a teacher and three students. The conference was entitled „Youth for a New Europe. Making a Difference”. I prepared and accompanied the Hungarian delegation.





Book review on Dave Sperling's Internet Guide. (Novelty,Vol. 5 No 3.)

Review on a CD for teachers who want to get familiar with ICT, namely the "Virtuális Internet" [Virtual internet], appeared in the highly acclaimed journal of Modern Nyelvoktatás  (Modern
Language Education) (Vol. 6. No 2-3)



"Needs analysis for the establishment of a regional language centre" in Language at work --English for vocational purposes in Hungary
(published by EU-Synergon Ltd. in 1998 in Budapest).


Co-author of an ebook for the implementation of ICT in English Language Teaching (Tanmenetjavaslat a nyelvi előkészítő évfolyam számítógépes nyelvóráihoz)

Authors: Csibi Erzsébet, Csoma Katalin, Blasszauer János    October, 2004




Europe? I believe in it” Projectorganised in

Nagykanizsa, 23 February, 2002


Spring Day in Europe 2003  Saturday, organised in

Nagykanizsa, 21 March, 2003




Workshop Presenter, 3-5 October 1997 7th IATEFL-H conference, Budapest

Hands-on training, November 1998 Pedagogical Institution, Zalaegerszeg

Workshop Presenter, 17-18 April 1999 8th Macmillan Conference, Budapest

Workshop Presenter, 8-9 April 2000 9th Macmillan Conference, Budapest

Workshop Presenter, October 1999 BC Resource Centre, Veszprém.

Workshop Presenter, 5 November 1999 Teleki Blanka High School, Székesfehérvár

Workshop Presenter, 6 November 1999 Váci street Primary School, Budapest

Workshop Presenter, 26 August 2000 Project Pedagogy Conference, Veszprém.

Hands-on training, 2 March 2002 The British Council, Budapest

Co-tutor at the International Hornby Trust- British Council Multimedia Summer Course 30 June-12 July, 2002 Esztergom, Hungary


Advisor for the Multimedia Summer Camp, 8-28 July 2002 Baia Mare, Romania


Hands-on intensive training, 11-12 October 2002 Varasd Academic Grammar School, Varasd, Croatia

Project Presentaion 28 November, 2002 the European Commission's Press Room Brussels

(I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend this press conference and represent the Spring Day 2003 project together with a Danish colleague.)

Plenary lecture on the European Schoolnet, 25 April 2003 Multimedia in ELT conference Berzsenyi College, Szombathely

Presentation on a Comenius Project 15 February 2003 EUN conference, Brussels, Belgium

http://www.eun.org/eun.org2/eun/comenius/Comenius_janos.ppt (PowerPoint presentation)

Presentation on Telecollaborative Projects and two other hands on workshops 6 March 2004 Budapest

(This was the first ICT conference held for teachers of foreign languages. Balint Magyar, minister of education, delivered the opening speech. There were 300 participants. I was also a member on the expert panel at the round-table discussion.)

Workshop leader 10-11  September 2004. Krakow (Poland) ICT for Education and Teachers' Professional Development conference

(There were about 100 participants and I delivered four 90-minute workshops on international collaborative project sand have called the attention on some great tools that can be exploited in telecollaborative projects. Three workshop tutors were from abroad: Neil Shaw from the UK, Gavin Dudeney from Spain, and I from Hungary.)

Presentation on Mindmaps at IATEFL-H conference 1-3 October, 2004 Szeged, Hungary

Workshop on using listening materials in the language lab at Zrínyi Általános Iskola, November    Nagykanizsa, Hungary

Presentation on good ICT practice at E-help project meeting Toulouse 17-20 February 2005 Toulouse, France

Mid-Year English Language Fellows Conference, Budapest, January 19-22. 2005. (organised by the American Embassy)

Course tutor  on Human Rights at the Mudranet summer school (Varasdin, July 2005)


Plenary talk on Digital divide at the AEC-NET annual conference, Beijing, September 25-29. 2005.  (organised by ASEF)


Workshop tutor at the ICT conference at the Students’ Information Center (Hallgatói Információs Központ) in Budapest, on November 4 and December 10

Giving a fishbowl lesson together with Skop Gabriel on teaching Human Rights through English at the IATEFL-H conference-

the main theme of the conference was „Teaching and Educating Through English”- Budapest, Fazekas Mihály Grammar School, October 7. 2005.

Kerecseny international summer camp (Camp director withmy wife) 17-23 July 2006, Kerecseny, Hungary

See photos of the camping at: http://www.eltandict.com/kerecseny.htm and/or http://www.flickr.com/groups/kerecseny/

Presentation on active citizenship in the Hungarian Parliament at the „Together in the European Union in the next 50 years” conference. I was alsoa member of the round-table discussion following the presentations. ( 4 May, 2007)

The conference was organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the whole-day forum gathered people from the media, from different NGO’s, and from the educational sector. Both teachers and their students alike participated in order to carry out together a dialogue and discussion on the future of Europe in general and the European values and active citizenship in particular.



Thesis on Using Video in ELT

Master’s thesis on using Internet in ELT. http://www.geocities.com/blasszauer

Review on Dave Sperling's Internet Guide.
(Vol. 5 No 3. NOVELTY)

Review on a CD called the "Virtuális Internet" [Virtual internet]
(Vol. 6. No 2-3 Modern Language Education)

Collaborative Projects via the Internet” appeared in Teaching English with

Technology -A Journal for Teachers of English-. (Vol. 1, Issue 6 (November 2001)

and at MyEurope website

The International day for Tolerance on 16 November, 2001”.

“Webquests: blending learning philosophy and practise” appeared in Novelty -A journal of English Language Teaching and Cultural Studies in Hungary-. (Vol. 10. Number 1 (March 2003)




Webquest on tolerance


Webquest on European values



Webquests on the Enlargement



Online Quiz Game created by me

Comments on Charter of Fundamental Human Rights http://www.quicktopic.com/19/H/GKjWN6KBhLdiJ

Give your opinion on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union


Hungary in focus http://www.geocities.com/bjohnnyus/hungary.html

Tolerance project http://www.geocities.com/bjohnnyus/tolerance.htm

The Hungarian official website of Spring Day in Europe http://www.tavaszeuropaban.org

International collaborative projects website http://www.eltandict.com/collaboration